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Proximity Voices... permanently!

Legates hear each other when nearby... for the rest of the season


Nothing Changes

8 days to go. 629 votes so far.

Previous Results

The Cutest Companion

Must keep an axolotl in the hotbar

38.7% (184 votes)


40.8% (556 votes)


Always wear the last head you got as a drop

33.3% (559 votes)

Magnetic Legates

When legates get close they slide towards each other

37.5% (862 votes)

Just a Flesh Wound

All rabbits turn into killer rabbits

35.8% (694 votes)

Winner winner chicken dinner

Permanent slow falling. Random chicken noises.

38.7% (771 votes)

Bring Your Pets to Work

Must have a pet with you at all times

40.2% (1,459 votes)


Can only eat chorus fruit

53.2% (2,105 votes)

Scorched Earth

Players burn in sunlight just like zombies

42.9% (1,850 votes)

'Tis the Season

No armor allowed, only xmas hats and wings

41.4% (2,372 votes)

It's a What Now?

Cannot call things by their proper names

56.3% (4,894 votes)

Blood Nights

You must fight anyone you see at night.... to the death!

49.1% (5,332 votes)