Legacy SMP Maps

You can use the map below to explore the season 1 and 2 servers.

You can launch this viewer in a new tab to give yourself more space.

Controls: Left click and drag or arrow-keys to navigate. Right click and drag to rotate your view. Scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Minecraft Version:


Season 3 Seed:


Datapacks installed from Vanilla Tweeks:
  • AFK Display
  • Anti Enderman Grief
  • Double Shulker Shells
  • Dragon Drops (modified to only drop a the dragon egg)
  • More Mob Heads
  • Multiplayer Sleep
  • Player Head Drops
  • Track Raw Statistics
  • Track Statistics
Fabric mods installed

Shockbyte handle the hosting of the server we play on and also the server that hosts the interactive map. They have been brilliant and their support has been top quality!

If you are looking for Minecraft server hosting, Shockbyte are a great choice.

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In season 2 we ran a modified version of the BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack (v1.11) to fit our needs a little better.

Now you can download our version of the pack!

Legacy SMP Season 1

We're making the season 1 world available for download. We have trimmed some on the unused chunks to make it a bit smaller but it's still 3.41GB in size (compressed), hosted by MediaFire.